What is the Abortion Memorial?

This is a safe place for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other family members to remember children who were lost to abortion. Share your story, thoughts, and prayers in words, pictures, or video. Abortion Memorial is a place to honor children lost in the womb, and provides a place for healing and encouragement.

If you are a visitor to the site, take a moment to read through the memorials and stories, and pray for the families impacted by abortion.

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My Child

My Child – You were my only child. Your life in my womb was so brief. But it was not without value. You brought me into a closer, deeper relationship with Jesus. A relationship that I want to share with others so that they too can be abundantly blessed in that relationship. You helped me(…)

To Joshua: From Your Mother A Murd...

Sweet Joshua…I listened to the screaming lies of the world instead of the truth of the still small voice of God inside of me. I murdered you in cold blood through abortion and I thought there would be no consequences. However, as I lay on the table while they drained your life from my womb(…)

To our sweet little one

I’m grieving today for the choices I had before me. How we prayed for forgiveness and for you to know and feel that we did love you. This is a horrible, crazy, mean world and we pray that you are in the arms of loved ones above us. I know I feel like a horrible(…)

There is a void in my heart that w...

Dear my sweet little innocent baby. It’s been 6 years since we had to say our goodbyes. There is not a day goes by I do not think of you and imagine our lives together. Mummy was pressured and made the worst decision of her life. Its no excuse atall. But I hope and pray(…)



A year today was the day I had to do it, i was really really scared, I should have said No.. Your father didn’t want you but I did deep down. But I was scared of what people would say, scared of how things would change my life. I’m so sorry, please forgive me. You(…)

To my unborn child

To our unborn child, we are truly sorry for the decisions your mommy and dddy had to make. We loved you the moment we found out about you. Your due date is fast approaching and I want to say I’m sorry for not having you and to please for give me. Me and your Dad(…)

My little angel

My dear little angel, I’m not exactly sure where I should start apart from telling you how sorry I am that we never got to meet each other. I want you to know that even though I never laid eyes on you, you have never left my heart, and the sorrow I feel from losing(…)

I am sorry

You never got to decide any of this. I’m sorry for being too stubborn to realize that you had a choice as well. It is a terrible thing to live and remember that I didn’t allow you to grow up and be. I thought about your future, and it was one I wasn’t willing to(…)

My Cherished Son Benjamin

My Cherished Son Benjamin

Dearest Benjamin, You are my beloved son and only child. Back in 1984 , I made a decision that was based on my own fears and poor judgement due to the fact that I was an alcoholic and could not stop drinking. I ended your precious life before you had a chance to be born.(…)

I am so very sorry son.

Dear Son Alex, I am so very you were denied life. I am sorry I did not protect you like a father should. I love you and I ask that you please forgive me.

My April

My dear baby, how can you ever forgive me? Why didn’t I run out of the hospital? Why wasn’t I brave enough to save you? Not one person in my life encouraged me to have you. I was 16 years old but old enough to take care of you. No one ever mentioned you to(…)

Baby Ally

‘I should have….” begins my every day. I should have never listened to the Dr who told me my pregnancy might cost my life or the husband I had at the time that told me in no uncertain terms he did not want you. I should have run out of that clinic the way my(…)

My Baby Girl, My Shannon

My darling daughter. The little girl I so longed to hold and have in my life. The dreams I held for you since I was only 7 years old. I knew you were a girl. I just knew in my heart. And I knew your name, Shannon. Not a day goes by I haven’t thought(…)

Our darling mikayla

Dear our precious angel, We loved, and will always love you so much. We was faced with a hard decision, and with much regret we made the wrong decision. I am so sorry that I couldn’t continue the pregnancy, and so sorry you never got a chance at life. I wish I could re-wind time(…)

My darling angel

Dear my darling angel baby you was very loved by me and you dad. We wanted you more than anything but we are finding it hard to make ends meet. We are going through a hard time With your big brother,and we wouldn’t be able to give u the life u deserve.My heart feels empty(…)

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