What is the Abortion Memorial?

This is a safe place for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other family members to remember children who were lost to abortion. Share your story, thoughts, and prayers in words, pictures, or video. Abortion Memorial is a place to honor children lost in the womb, and provides a place for healing and encouragement.

If you are a visitor to the site, take a moment to read through the memorials and stories, and pray for the families impacted by abortion.

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Never in my arms. Forever in my he...

It’s still so fresh. The week so filled with pain and stress. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you. It hurts to think about. Every sentence brings me to tears. Only that you couldn’t have waited for us to be ready to be parents. You’ll always be in my heart. We could barely raise the money(…)


To my sweet Fern. Of all that I’ve done in my life-letting you go is my biggest regret. I love you so much. I was so ignorant back then, I would give anything to have you here with us. Your family would have loved you-they would have protected you….I was a coward and so weak..I’d(…)

If I’d Only Known

If I’d Only Known

My sweet little one whose face I’ve never known, I wonder if you’ll still be a baby or if you’ll have grown by the time we meet for the first time in Heaven. That fateful day I thought I was doing what was best for you. The tears on my face and the pain in(…)

I was excited to hold you and love...

Our niece found out she was pregnant with you and though she was scared she was determined to keep you. I told your mom that we would help you both and that I couldn’t wait to meet you, hold you, and love you as the newest member of the family. Your grandfather was not of(…)

To my Older sibling.

Dear older sib, I know my mom regrets the day she aborted you. I wonder if I would have had a sister. The Doctor told her you would have killed her. The she needed more time to heal after having our older brother. She didn’t want to but Dad didn’t want to lose her. I(…)

Matthew: I cannot wait to meet you

Dearest Matthew, I was 19 years old but I so excited and frightened to find out you were growing inside me! I had been intimate with three different men so I was not sure who was your father. I was so ashamed but my high school sweetheart accepted the responsibility and asked his parents for(…)

My Sweet baby

My sweet baby in Heaven, Mommy was 19 years old when daddy and I found out I was pregnant with you. I came from a strict family who would have been so mad at us for being pregnant and daddy and I were not ready to be parents. Instead of getting ready, mommy went to(…)


Mikayla Joi, My precious baby girl, I am so sorry I was not strong enough to be the mother you deserved back then. What I wouldn’t give to hold you now. Not bringing you into this world will remain my biggest regret. I loved you then and I love you now. Rest peacefully, baby girl.(…)

To my precious Baby

I’m so sorry, I was alone, sleeping from couch to couch, and not living the life I should have been. But I did turn my life back around and repented for what I did and Jesus washed me with His blood and cleansed me from my sins. And now I cant wait to see you(…)

To My Perfect Child

To my perfect child, whom your mother and I aborted during our college years: Your mother and I were in love. Then she became pregnant. We were worried about our future, and we decided to get an abortion. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. We told ourselves every excuse in(…)

Thinking of you

My precious grandson. I think of you a lot and how old you would be and what you would be like & would have become. I tried to stop you from being aborted. We both missed all the fun , love & laughter we would still be sharing. I think about what happened to you(…)

To my child that I let go…

I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I was too afraid to keep you…to be a mother at the age of 20. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have ended your life. I should have listened to the counselors who tried to convince me to keep you alive. My selfishness and fear won.

Forgive me precious babies.

Forgive me precious babies.

I was 15 & 19 years old….. I was so desperate for love….so lonely… I thought sex would make men love me… I was wrong…..I was even more broken in every way….. I am so sorry precious babies….I have asked for Jesus’ forgiveness …. I will see you in heaven… The LORD has loved &(…)

My sweet niece or nephew

I loved you the moment I found out about you. I thought I’d meet you in October. I dreamed of playing with you and watching you grow older. I didn’t know that your mom had an abortion scheduled. She didn’t tell us. Otherwise I would’ve fought to protect you. I’m so sorry that I failed(…)

My Precious Little Strong Beloved ...

Dear Richard David, I want to take this time to share with everyone just how precious you are to me. I know this may seem so strange to many of know me and know what I did to you. There is never a day that doesn’t go by that I do not think of you.(…)

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