What is the Abortion Memorial?

This is a safe place for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other family members to remember children who were lost to abortion. Share your story, thoughts, and prayers in words, pictures, or video. Abortion Memorial is a place to honor children lost in the womb, and provides a place for healing and encouragement.

If you are a visitor to the site, take a moment to read through the memorials and stories, and pray for the families impacted by abortion.

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my sweet baby brother or sister

I’m your sister and you are the little brother or sister I begged for. We share a father who was so so sad when he finally found out that you were conceived and destroyed without his ever knowing. We have two sisters now about the same age as your nephew, you also have a new(…)

My joy went to zion



Dear Elizabeth, How I wish I could “do over” that period of my life.I am not sure you are a girl, I just feel in my heart you are. Either way I love you! I am grateful to our loving God that I will see you one day. I still work to forgive myself. It(…)

Disaster Turned to Glory

My Testimony: I was a 20 year old girl and I thought I was living the ‘high life’. I had a lot of good things going for me. I was living in a 3 bedroom rent house with 4 girls. We were partying and having the time of our lives. I had finally caught the(…)

Until we meet again ❤️

I loved you from the moment I found out I was pregnant. But I knew I couldn’t take care of you. Being only 17 years old and my boyfriend 16, I knew the decision that was best for me. After I told my mom, she made the appointment for me. I met and talked with(…)

For Emmanuel

I never chose to abort. When my pregnancy test came back positive, I was actually pretty happy. I fell brutally from my cloud when my boyfriend told me he would leave me if I kept the baby. I was terrified that I would lose him, afraid to face this alone. I was also frightened of(…)

Forever in my heart

I was young and dumb. I wanted you so badly until you were conceived. While you were growing in mommys tummy. The drugs were consuming everything around me. I knew what I needed to do to save you but I wasn’t strong enough. Your daddy wanted nothing to do with me and I felt so(…)

I’m sorry not to see you gro...

Sweet baby, We will meet one day! You have family that would’ve loved you more than you know! I know you are well loved and taken care of where you are, But I wish you could’ve known love on earth as well. I am a cousin of your mom, I didn’t know about you until(…)

I have never forgotten you

As I sit this morning….I am grateful to have both my daughters unwed and choosing life. Years ago after being married to their father, I became ecstatic…their father was not. After his pleading to “give just us a chance”, I consented to an abortion…..I spent a weekend with you on the coast….and submitted myself to(…)

Never in my arms. Forever in my he...

It’s still so fresh. The week so filled with pain and stress. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you. It hurts to think about. Every sentence brings me to tears. Only that you couldn’t have waited for us to be ready to be parents. You’ll always be in my heart. We could barely raise the money(…)


To my sweet Fern. Of all that I’ve done in my life-letting you go is my biggest regret. I love you so much. I was so ignorant back then, I would give anything to have you here with us. Your family would have loved you-they would have protected you….I was a coward and so weak..I’d(…)

If I’d Only Known

If I’d Only Known

My sweet little one whose face I’ve never known, I wonder if you’ll still be a baby or if you’ll have grown by the time we meet for the first time in Heaven. That fateful day I thought I was doing what was best for you. The tears on my face and the pain in(…)

I was excited to hold you and love...

Our niece found out she was pregnant with you and though she was scared she was determined to keep you. I told your mom that we would help you both and that I couldn’t wait to meet you, hold you, and love you as the newest member of the family. Your grandfather was not of(…)

To my Older sibling.

Dear older sib, I know my mom regrets the day she aborted you. I wonder if I would have had a sister. The Doctor told her you would have killed her. The she needed more time to heal after having our older brother. She didn’t want to but Dad didn’t want to lose her. I(…)

Matthew: I cannot wait to meet you

Dearest Matthew, I was 19 years old but I so excited and frightened to find out you were growing inside me! I had been intimate with three different men so I was not sure who was your father. I was so ashamed but my high school sweetheart accepted the responsibility and asked his parents for(…)

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